Documentation for TcMenu IoT solutions and plugins.

Menu library remote connectivity tutorial

By dave on August 2, 2019

TcMenu has considerable out of the box remote connectivity on both Arduino and mbed. With support for Ethernet2 library, UipEthernet library, ESP8266 WiFi, ESP32 WiFi and Serial (including Bluetooth Serial) to name a few connectors. Please pay close attention to the following classes in the reference documentation as they are mentioned frequently here: BaseRemoteServerConnection in reference docs TcMenuRemoteService in reference docs. Please bear in mind that TcMenu is able to support a wide range of remote connectors.

Menu In Menu support for embedded Java on Linux / Raspberry PI

By dave on April 21, 2022

You can combine many menu structures from different devices into a single menu, this works by each remote menu being represented by a MenuInMenu object being associated with a RemoteConnection and a MenuManagerServer. It maps the remote menu into an unused ID range on the local device and even handles dialog commands. Available from version 2.3 of tcMenu Designer and API. Menu In Menu range and submenu mapping Each menu in menu definition that we create results in a remote connection to another device, and the selected sub-menu receiving all the menu items from that device as if they were local menus.

Control menus with embedCONTROL.JS from a webserver

By dave on April 14, 2022

Available from 2.3 onwards. On larger embedded devices you can serve up embedCONTROL.JS from a web browser. It allows you to remotely control and monitor the menu items from a web page on any device that can run a web browser. It is a single page web application based on React.JS. It supports the most important functions from the full embedCONTROL application, having the advantage of not needing any installation.

Embedded Java ethernet, WiFi and Serial plugin

By dave on April 10, 2022

In this guide we show how to setup and use the embedded Java remote plugin to allow embedCONTROL connections to a Raspberry PI or other embedded Linux board. Back to tcMenu main page

SimHub connector for tcMenu library

By dave on July 6, 2020

We have a remote control driver for tcMenu that can be configured to easily work with SimHub dash. It requires at least 1.5.0 of tcMenu, and a version of SimHub that supports custom serial devices. We only recommend this integration for intermediate to advanced Arduino users, it requires a greater understanding of the underlying system to set it up. Please note that we are not affiliated in any way with SimHub, any issues with SimHub should be reported as usual, and any issues with TcMenu integration should be reported to us.

ESP8266 / ESP32 WiFi remote plug-in for tcMenu library

By dave on July 11, 2019

In this guide we show how to setup and use the ESP8266 / ESP32 Wifi remote plugin for use in the menu library. This plug-in works with most ESP boards. ESP WiFi is quite easy to set up as it’s built into the device. However, when using any ESP board and ESP8266 especially you must make sure that you frequently yield control to the runtime. If you are using task manager exclusively this should not be an issue.

Ethernet2, UipEthernet, Stm32Ethernet remote plug-in for tcMenu library

By dave on July 11, 2019

In this guide we show how to setup and use the ethernet plugin for Ethernet2, UipEthernet, Stm32Ethernet libraries. This plug-in works with Ethernet shields and many ethernet modules available for Arduino. For a general overview on remotely controlling and monitoring see controlling embedded apps with embedCONTROL. IMPORTANT: It is your responsibility to configure and initialise the Ethernet adapter before calling setupMenu in the general application setup. See the section further down on sketch requirements.

Serial remote plug-in for tcMenu library

By dave on July 11, 2019

In this guide we show how to setup and use the serial communication remote plugin for tcMenu. It is a general purpose Serial plugin that has been tested with both USBSerial and Bluetooth on a number of different devices. Serial is probably about the easiest remote to set up in terms of hardware and software. Nearly all Arduino boards have a built in USB Serial adapter. On many Arduino boards there are additional Serial interfaces, usually named Serial1 and Serial2.

tcMenu - Java API to Arduino for remote menu control

By dave on May 14, 2018

Introduction - Java Remote control The Java API contains domain and state objects that represent the items in your application along with the current value of that item. Whether used locally or remotely you use a menu tree to represent items. Whichever way, the menu structure accurately represents the structure in designer, because the Arduino embedded menu designer uses this API. The remote communication protocol is fully documented for use in any language.

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