tcMenu Designer app

By system on December 5, 2020

TcMenu designer is the application that allows you to quickly generate data structures that can be used with tcMenu, it works in association with input, display, and remote capability plugins to provide a full application with IoT capabilities over Serial, Bluetooth, WiFi and ethernet. Additional endpoints can be easily created. For all users we recommend the GitHub packages linked below. Although TcMenu Designer can still be obtained from the App Store, we strongly recommend the GitHub packaged version.

Embed Control and Monitoring IoT for Arduino, PicoSDK and mbed

By system on September 5, 2020

Embed Control IoT solution provides monitoring and control of menu based applications written with tcMenu near automatically. When designing and developing your IoT menu application, you simply add a supported remote capability into your application as a plugin from tcMenu Designer. Once your embedded app firmware is uploaded you’ll be able to access it from “Embed Control”. The user-centric version of Embed Control is being released to all App Stores at the moment, and will be available on Windows Store, Apple App Store (Mac, iPhone, and iPad), and Android Play Store.

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