tcMenu Designer app

TcMenu designer is the application that allows you to quickly generate data structures that can be used with tcMenu, it works in association with input, display, and remote capability plugins to provide a full application with IoT capabilities over Serial, Bluetooth, WiFi and ethernet. Additional endpoints can be easily created.

You can choose to use either the App Store version or download it from here, the advantage (and disadvantage) of the App store version is that it’s kept up to date for you, but as a result from now on it will be updated a lot less frequently. The app store version is better for new starters, who just want to get going quickly, and try out tcMenu.

We invest significant time and resources into every tcMenu, IoAbstraction and TaskManagerIO development task and release, please consider our flexible support options.

Option 1 - Get from the app store

This is the best option for new users, and people who just want an automatically maintained version of the application, think of this like a long term release:

download from the app store

Option 2 - Download directly from us

With this option you download the library directly from us, you manage the version yourself, and can move forward at a time more convenient to yourself. Please have the expectation that unless you have paid for professional support, questions will only be answered on versions that are Current & BETA.

Windows 10 UWP Builds

For new users, we recommend that you use the Windows Store version listed above. However, for advanced users who want more control over versioning, or try a BETA version then you can install from here too. To install the Windows 10 app the first time around, you’ll first need to accept our certificate, which is included in the downloads.

  • Pre-requisite: Your system must be in developer mode to allow non-store apps to be installed. You can use the store version to avoid this.
  • Option 1: Unzip the contents, right click on “install.ps1”, select to execute in power shell.
  • Option 2: After the first installation, you can use the Windows 10 App Installer to install the “.appxbundle” package.
Stream Version & Release notes Download Link
CURRENT 1.7.13 Win10 Get version 1.7.13 as zip
BETA 1.7.11beta Win10 23/12/2020 Get version 1.7.beta as zip

MacOS Notarized Builds

Stream Version & Release notes Download Link

Please continue to use app store version at present while we prepare the first notarized version.

Windows 7 / Java version

Stream Version & Release notes Download Link
Stable 1.7.0 Win7 Get version 1.7.0 as zip

Linux package

Stream Version & Release notes Download Link
Stable 1.7.0 Linux Get version 1.7.0 as tar.gz

tcMenu Designer Java - 1.7 releases

By system on December 5, 2020

Release 1.7.0 Support for Scroll choice (a configurable choice type that can take choices from EEPROM, RAM or custom callback), and an RGB item with configurable Alpha. Stability improvements.

tcMenu Designer UWP and MacOS - 1.7 releases

By system on December 5, 2020

Release 1.7.12 (download version 13) Windows 10 Full testing completed Ensure that save adds to the recent list immediately Release 1.7.11 Windows 10 BETA Automated testing has been added during the release cycle, tests complete menu creation flow. Very minor formatting and display bugs have been fixed. This will probably become the next Windows Store seed. Release 1.7.10 Windows 10 BETA Refactored the tree view to be more like the MacOS and Java version.

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