tcMenu Designer app

TcMenu designer is the application that allows you to quickly generate data structures that can be used with tcMenu, it works in association with input, display, and remote capability plugins to provide a full application with IoT capabilities over Serial, Bluetooth, WiFi and ethernet. Additional endpoints can be easily created.

For all users we recommend the GitHub packages linked below. Although TcMenu Designer can still be obtained from the App Store, we strongly recommend the GitHub packaged version. It is code signed for Windows, notarized for macOS and packaged for Linux.

**We invest significant time and resources into every tcMenu, IoAbstraction and TaskManagerIO development task and release, please consider making a donation on GitHub, they are always helpful, no matter how small.

Windows, macOS and Linux builds from GitHub

Recommended for all users. Signed with extended validation for Windows, notarized for macOS, packaged for Linux. Download from GitHub. We recommend this option for all users.

Stream Version & Release notes Download Link
Stable 2.x and above - github

Windows 10 UWP Builds

Please consider transitioning to the GitHub release versions above. This client is no longer maintained.

Stream Version & Release notes Download Link
Previous 1.7.13 Win10 Get version 1.7.13 as zip

App Store versions

Please move to the packaged versions described above. We recommend that you try the packaged version, see if it works for you, if you run into issues, report them and use the App store version while we fix them. We no longer provide support on the App store versions.

Beta version of tcMenu library

Please do not use these builds in production, they are BETA quality and are for testing and evaluation only. For production releases, use Arduino library manager, platformIO, or GitHub.

There are currently no public beta builds, please download the latest release from your library manager.

tcMenu Designer UWP and MacOS - 2.x releases

By system on February 5, 2021

Current status, TcMenu Designer 2.1.x is the current stream, the 2.0 library and plugins will be released soon. At this point 1.7 will become previous, and 2.0 current. All menus we’ve tested have transitioned without any issues. The main changes: All graphical classes moved into the “graphics” directory, so for example GfxMenuConfig.h is now graphics/GfxMenuConfig.h. Most of the graphical code is now in a namespace, you may need using namespace tcgfx; in your code, although the library takes care of backward compatibility for most.

tcMenu Designer UWP and MacOS - 1.7 releases

By system on December 5, 2020

Release 1.7.12 (download version 13) Windows 10 Full testing completed Ensure that save adds to the recent list immediately Release 1.7.11 Windows 10 BETA Automated testing has been added during the release cycle, tests complete menu creation flow. Very minor formatting and display bugs have been fixed. This will probably become the next Windows Store seed. Release 1.7.10 Windows 10 BETA Refactored the tree view to be more like the MacOS and Java version.

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