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embedCONTROL desktop allows tcMenu based applications to be monitored and controlled remotely using an app that’s installed on your PC, Mac or Linux box. There is also a browser version that is mobile friendly. When building a menu simply add a suitable remote control option in the designer UI. Once added, it allows you to manage the device on the local area network. Eventually, we may support well known IoT solutions as well.

Please bear in mind this is a release candidate. Expect to find issues, and please report them on the forum.

Desktop embedCONTROL app running on Windows 10

embedCONTROL App running on Windows 10


There is a Java and Typescript API that you can use to monitor and control any device with remote connectivity enabled.

embedCONTROL Protocol

The protocol is relatively well documented and easy to implement. embedCONTROL protocol

Building custom versions of embedCONTROL

You can easily build a custom version of embedCONTROL for your purposes, embedCONTROL is nothing more than a slightly customized version of the embedded Java components used to build the Raspberry PI and embedded Linux support. See the tcMenu documentation for more on the components.

embedCONTROL desktop UI for controlling and monitoring Arduino

By dave on May 25, 2022

EmbedCONTROL UI desktop is an application that runs on most desktop systems to monitor and control embedded devices that are running tcMenu software. Simply build the remote capability into the menu application running on the device from tcMenu Designer. This covers the desktop version, see the separate guide for the web version. It is assumed at this point that you have built a menu application onto a device, and have set up a remote endpoint.

Control embedded menu application from browser - embedCONTROL.js

By dave on April 25, 2022

Instead of the desktop version, on larger boards and Raspberry PIs (2.3 onwards) you can serve a React.JS based single page web application that needs no installation. It works on a wide range of mobile phones, desktop and tablet devices. Using the deployed app To open the app, simply browse to the device on the configured host and port. For example if the device were and the port were 8080, you would connect to http://192.

TcMenu - TagVal protocol documentation

By dave on October 25, 2018

embedCONTROL local area transmissions use a protocol called TagVal with the option of sending binary data using Raw messages. TagVal is a simple and lightweight protocol that has implementations on device for Arduino and mbed, Java as an API, Javascript using embedCONTROL.JS and there is also a .NET implementation should someone step forward to help productionize it. As its name suggests TagVal is a Tag to Value protocol, somewhat like a Map in most high level languages.

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