tcMenu for Arduino

TcMenu is a full feature Menu system for the arduino platform that supports many display types and remote control via an API. Drivers are available for many common displays and network interfaces. The protocol is published, and there is a Java API.

Close up of Jensen woofer

One of my hobbies is woodworking and speaker building, take a look at some of my latest attempts at building well known speaker designs. Although these are generally builds of other peoples designs, you may find some of this interesting.

Consultancy pages

We offer consultancy and development services for Java, Embedded 8 and 32 bit systems, including providing mobile and web integration to embedded products.

tcMenu for Arduino

Audio is in our DNA, not only can we help build embedded audio devices, we are also Audiophilles that love listening to music, be it from turntable or digital source.

TCC Forum discussion

Our new forum allows the community to discuss the libraries (opensource and commerical) that we write.

Close up of Jensen woofer

To coin a phrase, communication between embedded devices and mobile or desktop computers "just got real". In a few short years, products being able to communicate with each other went front nice to have - to absolutely essential.

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IoAbstraction: Using matrix keyboards and keypads

By dave on August 17, 2019

Matrix keyboards are arranged such that the keys are in a matrix of rows and columns. This means that instead of needing a spare input for each key, one INPUT for each column and one OUTPUT for each row is all that’s needed. In order to use the keyboard, we create a class of type MatrixKeyboardManager and configure it with an IoAbstractionRef, a KeyboardLayout that describes the keyboard attached (there are some standard ones already defined) and a listener that will be informed of changes.

IoAbstraction: Arduino Task Manager and interrupt marshaller

By dave on August 15, 2019

Using TaskManager in your sketches TaskManager is a very simple executor framework that allows work to be scheduled in the future. Instead of writing code using delays, one simply adds jobs to be done at some point in the future. In addition to this, interrupt handling is also supported, such that the interrupt is “marshalled” and handled like a very high priority task to be processed immediately. When using this library you should never use any method that will delay for more than a few microseconds, failing to follow that guideline will cause problems with interrupt handling and timing.

IoAbstraction: Arduino Pins, IO Expanders, Shift Registers using same code

By dave on August 15, 2019

Using IO Abstraction in your sketches Using IoAbstraction you can write a sketch / program that uses Arduino pins, shift registers and IO expander devices at the same time, very much like you’d normally use Arduino pins. This library also provides simple interrupt handling that again is consistent across Arduino and IO expander ICs. There are several sketches in the examples folder showing how to use most of the capabilities mentioned here.

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