TcMenu - IoT ready menu designer and library for Arduino and mbed

TcMenu is a modular, IoT ready multi level menu library for Raspberry PI, Arduino and mbed supporting many input, display and IoT / remote interfaces. It makes presenting configuration, status and operational information much easier. It is Apache licensed and commercial support is available from us.

Start by working out what information and state is to be represented in the Designer UI. Take inspiration from the Arduino menu examples. Then, run Code Generator which outputs code for the selected board ready for use in an IDE.

Specific for Java on Raspberry PI or embedded Linux

We now build the designer application and embedCONTROL for the Raspberry PI, so not only can you make a Raspberry PI embedded application, you can even run designer and embedCONTROL on an RPI as well!

Display plugins

Theme plugins

Input plugins

Remotely controlling your menu / IoT

IoT control with embedCONTROLOur menu designer can build in IoT capabilities near automatically (on Ethernet2, UipEthernet (ENC28J60), ESP8266-WiFi, ESP32-WiFi, Bluetooth and Serial). Allowing you to remotely monitor and control your device using Embed Control with minimal effort.

However, to write your own remote monitoring, use our Java Remote API, TypeScript/JavaScript API, C#/DotNet API, or the Python API. Coming soon is a Dart API.

IoT and Remote control plugins

Creating / building / modifying plugins

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