TcMenu Framework for Aruino and mbed

TcMenu is a popular, complete solution for building Arduino and mbed embedded applications that supports a wide range of input / display devices. Further, tcMenu apps can be remotely controlled using embedCONTROL or using our Java Remote API on Ethernet2, UipEthernet (ENC28J60), ESP8266-WiFi, ESP32-WiFi, Bluetooth and Serial. Using tcMenu Designer you can round-trip the menu UI for your app and run code generation for your board.

The open source menu library builds on top of IoAbstraction and TaskManager, this allows us to support Arduino, ESP8266, ESP32 and mbed RTOS 6. The input, display and remote capabilities are provided as plugins, making it possible to support a very wide range of devices without making the library overly complex. Note that mbed RTOS 6 support is in BETA, and you must select the BETA stream in the UI to use it.

In all a very complete menu library for Arduino that manages to keep RAM usage very low. Most of the menu information such as name and type are stored in constant / program memory, and an average menu application uses as little as 500 - 600 bytes of base RAM including display, i2c and support libraries!

Display plugins

Input plugins

Remotely controlling menus / IoT

compatible with embedCONTROL Compatible with embedCONTROL

Remote control plugins

Creating / building / modifying plugins

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