By dave | May 22, 2023

PGA2310 Volume Control device

Provides a simple analog device that can be used to control a PGA2310 volume device. Left channel is 0 and right channel is 1. The device should be connected on the SPI bus as usual. This should work with Arduino now, and mbed in a patch release coming soon. To use first include the header:

#include <extras/Pga2310VolumeControl.h>

Then initialise globally:

SPIWithSettings spiSettings(&SPI, CS_PIN);
Pga2310VolumeControl pga2310(spiSettings);

And to use it as a floating point value

pga2310.setCurrentFloat(volFlt); // where the value is between 0F and 1F 
float f = pga2310.getCurrentFloat(); // where the value is between 0F and 1F 

or as an integer

pga2310.setCurrentValue(intVal);  // where the value is between 0 and 255
unsigned int val = pga2310.getCurrentValue();  // where the value is between 0 and 255

This covers everything for this device.

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