By dave | March 10, 2013

Java and Embedded AVR C++ Consulting from TheCodersCorner

I specialise in multithreaded network programming and embedded C++; with in excess of 20 years experience writing applications in both Java and C++. Having spent many years writing systems that need to communicate using differing protocols, often for exchange connectivity we are familiar with many topologies.

In terms of multithreaded development we have built systems with low latency requirements using various methodologies. More recently using non locking bus style designs such as message bus, chronicle and disruptor. I am also very familiar with the Java concurrency package and fairly familiar with the c++ based pthreads library.

I have experience:

  • Working on critical real time systems in both Java and C++ using Test driven development.
  • Using queue topologies such as Disruptor and Chronicle in Java.
  • Integrating AVR with real world electronic systems including in the Audio/Visual domain.
  • Designing and working with both Digital and Analog electronics circuits.
  • Building user interfaces that communicate with embedded devices, be they web, app or desktop.
  • Designing and building communication protocols between all types of device be it desktop, phone or AVR.
  • Communication over Sockets / Multicast / UDP using manually genreated protocols, protobuf etc.
  • Web protocols including JSON based REST services (Secured with tls)
  • Tibrv, IBMMQ, JMS and TREP

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