By dave | April 2, 2019

Course Summary

IoAbstraction and TcMenu are libraries that make writing software for embedded boards easier, and generally more like writing for the desktop. These training courses aim to quick bring your team up to speed with these technologies. In addition, we can discuss the commercial addons that provide faster drivers and deployment without linking with Arduino.

Like all our courses this can be tailored for your needs.

Course information

  • Cost: £599 per day (excluding travel expenses)
  • In person: UK only. Zoom or other video conference globally.

All prices quoted here are for on site training, exclusive of VAT and do not include travel expenses to your site.

Day 1

  • Learning to work in an event driven way using task manager.
  • Working with switches to manage buttons and rotary encoders.
  • Abstraction of IO interfaces, the how and the why.
  • Working with EEPROM’s using the inbuilt abstraction.
  • Any area of the library in more detail depending on requirements.

Day 2

  • Using the TcMenu user interface in detail.
  • Generating code for readily available platforms and devices.
  • Connecting to the embedded device over Serial and Ethernet.
  • How code generation works and how to extend it to your needs.

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