By dave | April 2, 2021


Please see GitHub for the ongoing work, this only shows historic work.

Projects that have been compeleted in Q1/2 of 2021. All releases use the name of a popular LP / album. See the Product roadmap for current projects

Sprint: There’s a new dawn (The New Dawn)

Status Est Project Task
Done testing Fully test tcMenu 2.1 UI with 2.0 libraries to ensure all new features are working, and high compatibility
Done website Document the changes in the interfaces for 2.0 and ensure all pages still relevant.
Done tcMenu Investigate the performance of I2C LCD’s at 100Khz carefully to see if there are optimisations to be had.
Done tcMenu Notarize the macOS package and code sign Windows with high trust. Start looking at debian repo.
Done tcMenu Bring the Java UI to the same standard as the others, and make it the default.
Done tcMenu On AVR and smaller SAMD boards the btree template collection is too heavy, de-template much of it for now.
Done tcMenu Exiting a list goes back to the wrong item - cannot recreate.
Done tcMenu List rendering crashes in base renderer because it’s trying to call invoke in a tight loop
Done taskMgr On 32 bit boards task manager should be able to schedule lambdas with captured parameters.
Done ioLibs Provide an mbed / STM32F4 HAL version of EepromAbstraction that wraps the battery backed RAM.
Done testing Fully test tcMenu 2.0 UI with 1.7 libraries to ensure full backwards compatibility
Done testing Prepare 2.0 releases (github, our site, and App Store versions).

Sprint: Agents of fortune

This sprint has turned into a huge iteration, we’ve broken it up into smaller segments, and it means that we’ll move the library to V2.0 as it’s got so big. It’s introduced a new much improved method of drawing, with more configuration options. Further, it’s also the first version that will be able to work with touch interfaces, and also ESP32 touchpad keys.

Status Est Project Task
Done tcMenu Finish off all the minor issues left from the rendering code clean up
Done tcMenu Support for editing runtime items on touch screen displays
Done tcMenu Make value items have an optional info block in RAM, and can also be created in memory for value items
Done tcMenu Add support for STM32 hardware display drivers using the ST provided library on mbed
Done tcMenu Check analog menu item with large values and document behaviour
Done tcMenu Package Java UI BETA for linux and Win7 including some small enhancements
Done tcMenu Create a plugin that can work with ESP32 touch pad keys interrupt and polled.
Done tcMenu Add support for TFT_eSPI drivers using the TFT_eSPI library
Done tcMenu Use the double buffered rendering to ensure performance is as good as possible on unbuffered displays
Done tcMenu Make the title a menu item so that it goes off the display to make room for other items
Done tcMenu MenuMgr patch for lists returning to root, non progmem dialog show function
Done tcMenu Create new base classes for character based, buffered graphic and frame based displays to avoid repetition
Done tcMenu Fix up issues with task manager compilation due to move to Core Arduino API on some platforms.
Done tcMenu Bump plugins/libraries to STABLE, move UWP 1.7.11 to STABLE and put on store (if testing OK).
Done tcMenu Recreate the issue where sometimes a sub menu item is not created from new item dialog, but id increases
Done tcMenu Move dialog to use the graphical renderer for nearly all exiting displays to remove more duplication
Done desPro Add some kind of delegate menu renderer that allows some submenus to use different rendering.
Done desPro Introduce the concept of icon rendering, either native color, or mono icons
Done desPro Introduce touch screen support for regular menus with scroll and click modes
Done desPro Ability to configure the graphics capabilities within tcMenu Designer incuding per submenu layout
Done desPro Add support for high refresh rate displays: 10, 25 and 30hz modes (make rendering more efficient)

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