By dave | November 12, 2020


Please see GitHub for the ongoing work, this only shows historic work.

Projects that have been compeleted in Q3 of 2020. All releases use the name of a popular LP / album. See the Product roadmap for current projects

Emergency changes to Windows designer to restore stability (Completed 23/12/2020)

Next sprint abandoned while we restore stability to the windows tcMenu designer application and make it possible to download and use all current patch releases of the software. Store version will update much slower in this case, and the download version will update quicker. New version available in BETA, being tested before being made the stable version, and put on the store.

Status Est Project Task
Done website Move the contact us page to use the helpdesk based solution and completely remove the current solution
Done website Add a download area to the main site for users who do not want to use the designer store application
Done tcMenu Ensure on windows that save really means save, remove all the pre-checks for changes and just ALWAYS save
Done tcMenu Sometimes after adding and item the editor does not update the actual item (related to above)
Done tcMenu Ensure that pressing Add Item always works on Windows, bug seems very Windows specific
Done tcMenu Fully test the save as capabilities
Done tcMenu Work out how to build UWP for side loading and what is needed
Done tcMenu Automated testing of UWP menu creation using Appium - phase 1, every menu type and core editor UI

Sprint: Speak and spell (Completed 12/12/2020)

Continue the work to make tcMenu more accessible to new users. Make sure we get the documentation updated to match the latest versions of all the libraries. We need a firebreak where we put embedCONTROL on the backburner for one release, to let us get what we’ve got fully documented.

Status Est Project Task
Done tcMenu TX flag is never set on serial endpoints because of timing issue in remote connector
Done ioLibs Problem with mbed 5 compilation in TaskManagerIO / IoAbstraction - urgent
Done tcMenu Release tcMenu 1.7 UI for Mac and Windows, with sufficient testing
Done tcMenu In the designer link the menu type documentation above for each EditorUI
Done website Update pages on using u8g2 and Adafruit displays with tcMenu to include quick start
Done website Fully document every menu type, how it works in the designer, in code, and remotely.
Done website Clean up the guide on using tcMenu Designer, it is a little out of date
Done embCtrl When pairing has completed it appears that the connection is never properly re-established
Done embCtrl Some spacing or control is left behind on disconnect in the main view
Done website Ensure that the all IoAbstraction classes are properly documented
Done website Ensure that mbed support for TaskManagerIO, IoAbstraction and tcMenu is correctly documented
Done ioLibs Do IoAbstraction release with all the documentation, rotary encoder fixes
Done ioLibs Release for non RTOS cases in taskmanagerIO for mbed and research how this should work
Done tcMenu Fix up all example to ensure non load before ready & nagivation improvements release

Project: Music for the masses (completed 12th Nov 2020)

Purpose: Get a version of tcMenu Designer that works better for new users, so that they can get started quickly. This release also adds two additional menu items RGB and Choice (an enum type that can exist in EEPROM/RAM/Custom). It also allows runtime sub menus.

Project Task Status Est
tcMenu Fix Windows UI so that it is capable of handling users deleting / renaming directories. Done
tcMenu Fix Mac UI so that it is capable of handling users deleting / renaming directories. Done
tcMenu Link to starter video and start up assistance in designer for new users on Mac and Windows. Done
tcMenu Support for creating submenus at runtime. Done
tcMenu Support for RGB and Choice items in both library, remote and display Done
tcMenu Sensible defaults of item parameters on the Windows and MacOS designers. Done
taskMgr Critical fix of event bug that is reported in the library repo. Include unit testing. Done
tcMenu Fix Windows UI so that it is capable of handling users deleting / renaming directories. Done
tcMenu Release libraries, UI and reference docs. Done
website Video on youtube that helps people to get started with tcMenu Done

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