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We always name releases after a well-known album / LP. They are in approximate order, but things do move around.

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We operate using a mix between Kanban and Scrum. Estimated items are using t-shirt sizes (T, S, M, L, XL). Status is either Ready, Pending, Started, Done.

Sprint: Speak and spell (in progress)

Continue the work to make tcMenu more accessible to new users. Make sure we get the documentation updated to match the latest versions of all the libraries. We need a firebreak where we put embedCONTROL on the backburner for one release, to let us get what we’ve got fully documented.

Status Est Project Task
Ready Med website Move the send mail back to it’s own page, it is not good loading the scripts on all pages
Ready Sml website Put cloud watch monitoring in place on the website, forum and library manager - urgent
Ready Tny embCtrl Tidy up the default colour choices in the color editor.
Ready Tny embCtrl Occasional loss of connection on the serial connections, unsure which side is responsible
Ready Tny ioLibs Problem with mbed 5 compilation in TaskManagerIO / IoAbstraction - urgent
Done tcMenu Release tcMenu 1.7 UI for Mac and Windows, with sufficient testing
Done tcMenu In the designer link the menu type documentation above for each EditorUI
Done website Update pages on using u8g2 and Adafruit displays with tcMenu to include quick start
Done website Fully document every menu type, how it works in the designer, in code, and remotely.
Done website Clean up the guide on using tcMenu Designer, it is a little out of date
Done embCtrl When pairing has completed it appears that the connection is never properly re-established
Done embCtrl Some spacing or control is left behind on disconnect in the main view
Ready website Ensure that the all IoAbstraction classes are properly documented
Ready website Ensure that mbed support for TaskManagerIO, IoAbstraction and tcMenu is correctly documented

Sprint: Agents of fortune

First phase of improvements to the embedded renderer classes to make them share core code. Also, to make colour screens work in a much better way.

Status Est Project Task
Ready Sml tcMenu Ability to have a callback when a menu is shown, the menu item should be the submenu item
Ready Lge tcMenu Create new base classes for character based, buffered graphic and frame based displays to avoid repetition
Ready Sml tcMenu Reduce the screen area that’s actually rendered to the absolute minmum for all displays text and graphics
Ready Med tcMenu Use the double buffered rendering to ensure performance is as good as possible on unbuffered displays
Ready Med tcMenu Add support for STM32 hardware display drivers using the ST provided library on mbed
Ready Sml tcMenu Ability to hide the title (treating it as an active item at position 0) on smaller display
Ready Sml tcMenu Spike to work out how to improve setup of security and authentication within embedded code
Ready Tny tcMenu Recreate the issue where sometimes a sub menu item is not created from new item dialog, but id increases
Ready Sml tcMenu Release 1.7.x patch release for Windows with the minor fix (no macos changes)
Ready Lge website Add a short video on using u8g2 and Adafruit displays with tcMenu

Sprint: Street fighting years

We now need to complete the embedControl apps and get them onto their respective stores, at least in BETA form, where they are not fully complete, but usable. This sprint will get us close to that on both UWP and iOS. It will also make strides towards making it easier to set up remote connectivity and setup connections.

Status Est Project Task
Ready Med tcMenu Implement BLE endpoints for mbed, Nano33BLE and also the HM10 module and make available as plugins
Ready Med embCtrl Write a iOS serial port implementation for BLE that is available from Serial Factory
Ready Med embCtrl Windows BLE driver that is available from the Serial Factory
Ready Med embCtrl Android BLE and bluetooth driver that is available from Serial Factory
Ready Med tcMenu Implement very simple multicast / UDP based packet sender that sends a hello on request but limited to once every 10 seconds
Ready Med embCtrl Implement very simple multicast / UDP based packet sender that requests a hello from remote devices
Ready Lge tcMenu Room for Security and authentication change identified in spike above.
Ready Tny tcMenu Check in with testers if the documentation links on generator and item types are big enough / in the right place


Embed Control (embCtrl) in approximate order

Status Est Project Task
Ready Med embCtrl Repeat function on the back and forward buttons in analog up down editor
Ready Med embCtrl Custom image button support for boolean menu items with on and off buttons
Ready Med embCtrl VU meter style item that handles the range of an Analog item
Ready Med embCtrl Volume rotary dial control that works with an analog item
Ready Med embCtrl

tcMenu UI and Libraries - tcMenu

Screen rendering

Status Est Project Task
Ready Sml tcMenu Prepare a PR for the cookie cut function to offer back functionality to main repo

General changes

Status Est Project Task
Ready Sml tcMenu Ability to have a callback when a menu is shown via the menu observer, returning the actual submenu.
Ready Med tcMenu Ensure that the analog joystick works in a more predictable way for selecting text, also some kind of simple calibration utility class
Ready Sml tcMenu Try and determine if there’s an old set of _menu.cpp/h files left around, produce error and rename then during conversion
Ready Med tcMenu Make value items so the progmem nature of their info block is optional, and can also be created in memory for value items
Ready Sml tcMenu Write an extension of the commit callback that handles telephone numbers and postcodes as an example. Make it possible to force item back to edit mode
Ready Sml tcMenu Implement structure changed handler in the remote capabilities and ensure that it goes back into bootstrap mode
Ready tcMenu Win10 - Consider moving back to the emf file as the item that is loaded as per MacOS and Java

IoAbstraction and TaskManagerIO - ioLibs

Creating a new analog abstraction project that handles some common I2C and SPI devices.

Status Est Project Task
Ready ioLibs Add support for SPI Burr Brown volume control
Ready ioLibs Add support for SPI DAC
Ready ioLibs Add support for any other devices at hand
Ready ioLibs Support for 23S17 SPI expander
Ready ioLibs BasicIoAbstraction for mbed should allow access to the underlying GPIO, and even custom configuration too

tcMenu Designer Pro - desPro

Better prototyping view that is closer to what rendering looks like on device.

Status Est Project Task
Ready desPro Cross compile a version of Adafruit_GFX that can build for PC
Ready desPro Build a control that can display the Canvas based on the current display plugin (works only with Simple U8G2 and Adafruit)
Ready desPro Build a UWP screen that can edit simhub dashboard and add as a in app purchase
Ready desPro Add a means of adjusting display parameters, or an API to configure the plugin
Ready desPro Add a means of adding additional pro-plugin generated header / code files during the generator processing.

Adding a new renderer for larger screens that can better support touch

Status Est Project Task
Ready desPro Add some kind of delegate menu renderer that allows some submenus to use different rendering.
Ready desPro Introduce the concept of icon rendering, either native color, or mono icons and allow a hybrid menu where some items are icons
Ready desPro Introduce touch screen support for regular menus with scroll and click modes
Ready desPro Support STM32 mbed board colour display using whatever code seems most probable
Ready desPro Ability to configure the graphics capabilities within tcMenu Designer incuding per submenu layout
Ready desPro Add support for high refresh rate displays: 10, 25 and 30hz modes (make rendering more efficient)

Remote control and general tasks.

Status Est Project Task
Ready desPro Allow for more than one remote controller at once, even more than one type at once.
Ready desPro A screen that can build infrared remote capabilities into the menu
Ready desPro Multilingual support in menu structures

Third party IoT solutions

Status Est Project Task
Ready 3rdIoT Amazon IoT for submitting data to an IoT container and confirming that data appears in the web console
Ready 3rdIoT Amazon IoT for checking that the data can be acquired from the IoT container and displayed in embedControl
Ready 3rdIoT Amazon Alexa control capabilities within the Amazon IoT solution
Ready 3rdToT Azure plugin that works as per Amazon for data submission and acquisition
Ready 3rdIoT Blynk plugin support that works at least to submit data into their IoT system
Ready 3rdIoT SPIKE Look into Google home and Amazon home

Completed projects:

Who-hoo, there are projects that we’ve already finished!

Completed roadmap projects 2020 Q3

By dave on November 12, 2020

Summary Projects that have been compeleted in Q3 of 2020. All releases use the name of a popular LP / album. See the Product roadmap for current projects Project: Music for the masses (completed 12th Nov 2020) Purpose: Get a version of tcMenu Designer that works better for new users, so that they can get started quickly. This release also adds two additional menu items RGB and Choice (an enum type that can exist in EEPROM/RAM/Custom).

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