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Current status, TcMenu Designer 2.1.x is the current stream, the 2.0 library and plugins will be released soon. At this point 1.7 will become previous, and 2.0 current. All menus we’ve tested have transitioned without any issues.

The main changes:

  • All graphical classes moved into the “graphics” directory, so for example GfxMenuConfig.h is now graphics/GfxMenuConfig.h.
  • Most of the graphical code is now in a namespace, you may need using namespace tcgfx; in your code, although the library takes care of backward compatibility for most.
  • Graphical displays are now skinnable, you have complete control of the font, colour scheme, borders, spacing, and icons that are used.
  • 2.0 Plugins: By default, the GfxConfig will no longer be created, if you want to stay with this (and we recommend against) then you’ll need to create a GfxConfig in your code as the plugins no longer do it automatically.

BETA 2.1.1 release

This may be the best designer we’ve released to date, it has all the features of the macOS store version, a new project creation workflow, and a full CLI!

  • Notarized for Mac, Signed for Windows, Debian package for Linux.
  • The new universal app has 99% of features from all other versions.
  • New CLI mode allows for command line menu generation.
  • New general settings brings in line with store version.
  • New much improved project creation flow.

2.0.7 release

Incorporates all the below into a production builds.

BETA Release 2.0BETA6 Win10/UWP

  • UWP: Ensure that the App can start even when there is a fault in the recently used list
  • UWP: Support switching to 2.0 and properly loading themes for first time without complete restart.

BETA Release 2.0BETA5 all

  • New code generator logger window makes it easier to read what the status is.
  • Theme plugins are now included for 2.0 in the designer UI
  • Graphical renderers are now skinnable using themes allowing complete flexibility of color, font, spacing and arrangement
  • Cool blue, mono bordered and mono inverse title themes included
  • Complete compatibility with 1.7 is now achieved in nearly all cases.
  • Many smaller issues squashed.

BETA Release 2.0BETA3 all

  • Java - Ability to copy and paste menu structures in the Java version with Undo. Ability to bulk delete with Undo
  • Java - Plugins parameters within code generator moved the right side of the generator window
  • Fixes to ensure that the expansion occurs in source file definitions, along with applicability support.
  • Plugins - LCD renderers in both Full and Uno mode, to save memory.
  • Plugins - Adafruit_GFX font inclusion now in the cpp file to ensure it is only included once, it also exports the variable in _menu.h file.
  • Plugins - Back and next (left and right) buttons can be configured automatically in appropriate input plugins.

BETA Release 2.0BETA2

  • New plugins for TFT_eSPI and Resistive Touch screen
  • Most graphical plugins now allow the number of display updates per second to be set.
  • Switch over to new display properties based configuration for more control over fonts, colors, spacing and grid positioning.
  • Java version now supports no global libraries option and Arduino home is configurable.
  • Java version catch up to auto install packaged stable plugins and show item documentation
  • Java and Win10 version now lock down the menu item variable names after the first save / generate, you can manually re-sync an item at any time afterwards, you can also override the name yourself.
  • More automated testing, we’ve added more automated testing for the designer.

Please see the github page for all releases and release notes

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