By system | December 5, 2020

Release 1.7.12 (download version 13) Windows 10

  • Full testing completed
  • Ensure that save adds to the recent list immediately

Release 1.7.11 Windows 10 BETA

  • Automated testing has been added during the release cycle, tests complete menu creation flow.
  • Very minor formatting and display bugs have been fixed.
  • This will probably become the next Windows Store seed.

Release 1.7.10 Windows 10 BETA

  • Refactored the tree view to be more like the MacOS and Java version. Simplified basically.
  • Made it possible to run it outside the store, and work out if it is standalone or store.
  • Ensure that it always saves documents, even if the designer thinks they’ve not changed
  • Added Save as feature.

Release 1.7.5

This release has issues and is being replaced as soon as possible

  • Improvements around directories being deleted or renamed while the app was running
  • Auto select the item that is added.

Release 1.7.0

  • Support for RGB menu items
  • Support for Scroll Choice menu items

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