By dave | January 3, 2016

<img class=" titleimg" alt="vta adjustment" src="/images/audio/oddsAndEnds/vta-adjustment.jpg"/>

This is probably one of the cheapest things that you can make, and needs just a jigsaw with a metal blade and drill in order to make it. VTA adjusters just extends the height of the arm by a few milimeters and they just need to be made of a solid enough material to ensure the arm mounting is completely firm and has no play whatsoever.

What better than a piece of aluminium? Maybe with a very thin gasket underneath to ensure a firm and secure fixing. Cut out a circle big enough for the mounting points, then drill through the middle enough for the arm to go through. Nothing particularly troublesome there. At the moment I've not needed to use this spacer, so it's purely theoretical. But I keep thinking about a heavy 40mm or greater wood platter so it may come in useful yet.

The cost of VTA spacers isn't that high, but I just happened to have a lot of spare 4mm alu sheet, so it seemed wasteful not to make one from the sheet.


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