Multiple URLs to the same page in Joomla!

By dave on March 26, 2017

TL;DR: In Joomla there's often more than one way to get to the same page, if you're moving off joomla this needs to be considered, *preferably before moving any pages*. This article discusses the cases that I found [during my recent move to hugo]( URL Mappings in Joomla, the background Recently I decided to move a joomla site over to hugo; I had search engine friendly URLs turned on and therefore assumed the mapping should be easy.

Moving to Hugo static CMS from Joomla

By dave on November 13, 2016

In this article I discuss moving sites from Joomla over to Hugo static content manager. Before we start lets take a quick look at why we may want to do this, and the cases were it may not be appropriate. tl;dr: In summary, hosting a site on Joomla is time consuming and requires that both Joomla and PHP are frequently updated. If you’re site is suitable for Hugo and are considering moving over, take a look through the phases below.

Recovering from a hacked Joomla site

By dave on June 27, 2016

I’ve recently had to help someone still running Joomla to clean up a hacked site. We are not sure how it happened, as they generally applied updates pretty quickly, but luckily it was detected very quickly and brought down to be fixed. If your site is hacked, consider taking it offline immediately, fixing will not take that long, and if search engines detect the problem, you’ll be taken out of the search results until it’s fixed.

Remove duplicate "contact" heading in Joomla contact form

By dave on March 9, 2013

In this article I show you how to remove the second 'contact form' header from the default contact form in Joomla without hacking your install. I'd seen a couple of videos on you tube that suggested one should alter the underlying installation. You can do this without altering the installation. The problem Just to make sure we are talking about the same problem. I am discussing the situation where when creating a default Joomla contact form, there are two headers, which by default will look something like the image shown.

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