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tcgfx::ItemDisplayProperties Class Reference

#include <GfxMenuConfig.h>

Public Types

enum  ColorType : uint8_t {

Public Member Functions

 ItemDisplayProperties (uint32_t key, const color_t *palette, const MenuPadding &pad, const void *font, uint8_t mag, uint8_t spacing, uint8_t height, GridPosition::GridJustification defaultJustification, MenuBorder borderWidths)
 ItemDisplayProperties (const ItemDisplayProperties &other)
ItemDisplayPropertiesoperator= (const ItemDisplayProperties &other)
uint32_t getKey () const
GridPosition::GridJustification getDefaultJustification () const
void setDefaultJustification (GridPosition::GridJustification justification)
uint8_t getSpaceAfter () const
void setSpaceAfter (uint8_t space)
uint8_t getRequiredHeight () const
void setRequiredHeight (uint8_t newHeight)
color_t getColor (ColorType color) const
void setColor (ColorType color, color_t value)
void setColors (const color_t *palette)
const MenuPaddinggetPadding () const
void setPadding (const MenuPadding &pad)
MenuBorder getBorder () const
void setBorder (MenuBorder border)
uint8_t getFontMagnification () const
void setFontInfo (const void *font, uint8_t mag)
const void * getFont ()
color_tgetPalette ()

Detailed Description

Represents the display properties for a menu item, submenu or default, it stores this the properties key which can key at each of those levels. It stores the color palette, padding, row spacing, font information and default justification for rendering.

Member Enumeration Documentation

◆ ColorType

The sub-component that is being drawn that we need the formatting rules for.

◆ ComponentType

The overall component type being rendered

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