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TitleWidget Class Reference

#include <BaseRenderers.h>

Public Member Functions

 TitleWidget (const uint8_t *const *icons, uint8_t maxStateIcons, uint8_t width, uint8_t height, TitleWidget *next=NULL)
uint8_t getCurrentState () const
const uint8_t * getCurrentIcon ()
const uint8_t * getIcon (int num)
const uint8_t * getCurrentIcon ()
const uint8_t * getIcon (int num)
void setCurrentState (uint8_t state)
bool isChanged ()
void setChanged (bool ch)
uint8_t getWidth ()
uint8_t getHeight ()
uint8_t getMaxValue ()
TitleWidgetgetNext ()
void setNext (TitleWidget *next)

Detailed Description

Title widgets allow for drawing small graphics in the title area, for example connectivity status of the wifi network, if a remote connection to the menu is active. They are in a linked list so as to make storage as efficient as possible. Chain them together using the constructor or setNext(). Image icons should be declared using PGM_TCM rather than prog mem to be compatible with all boards.

Thread / interrupt safety: get/setCurrentState & isChanged can be called from threads / interrupts

Currently, only graphical renderers can use title widgets.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ TitleWidget()

TitleWidget::TitleWidget ( const uint8_t *const *  icons,
uint8_t  maxStateIcons,
uint8_t  width,
uint8_t  height,
TitleWidget next = NULL 

Construct a widget with its icons and size

Member Function Documentation

◆ getCurrentState()

uint8_t TitleWidget::getCurrentState ( ) const

Get the current state that the widget represents

◆ getCurrentIcon()

const uint8_t* TitleWidget::getCurrentIcon ( )

gets the current icon data

◆ setCurrentState()

void TitleWidget::setCurrentState ( uint8_t  state)

sets the current state of the widget, there must be an icon for this value

◆ isChanged()

bool TitleWidget::isChanged ( )

checks if the widget has changed since last drawn.

◆ setChanged()

void TitleWidget::setChanged ( bool  ch)

Sets the changed flag on this widget

◆ getWidth()

uint8_t TitleWidget::getWidth ( )

gets the width of all the images

◆ getHeight()

uint8_t TitleWidget::getHeight ( )

gets the height of all the images

◆ getMaxValue()

uint8_t TitleWidget::getMaxValue ( )

the maximum state value - ie number of icons

◆ getNext()

TitleWidget* TitleWidget::getNext ( )

gets the next widget in the chain or null

◆ setNext()

void TitleWidget::setNext ( TitleWidget next)

sets the next widget in the chain

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