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MenuRenderer Class Referenceabstract

#include <BaseRenderers.h>

Inheritance diagram for MenuRenderer:
BaseMenuRenderer NoRenderer tcgfx::BaseGraphicalRenderer tcgfx::GraphicsDeviceRenderer

Public Member Functions

 MenuRenderer (RendererType rendererType, int bufferSize)
virtual void initialise ()=0
virtual bool tryTakeSelectIfNeeded (int currentReading, RenderPressMode press)=0
virtual BaseDialoggetDialog ()=0
virtual ~MenuRenderer ()
char * getBuffer ()
uint8_t getBufferSize ()
RendererType getRendererType ()

Static Public Member Functions

static MenuRenderergetInstance ()

Protected Attributes

char * buffer
uint8_t bufferSize
RendererType rendererType

Static Protected Attributes

static MenuRenderertheInstance = nullptr

Detailed Description

Each display must have a renderer, even if it is the NoRenderer, the NoRenderer is for situations where the control is performed exclusively by a remote device.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ ~MenuRenderer()

virtual MenuRenderer::~MenuRenderer ( )

virtual destructor is required by the language

Member Function Documentation

◆ initialise()

virtual void MenuRenderer::initialise ( )
pure virtual

This is called when the menu manager is created, to let the display perform one off tasks to prepare the display for use

Implemented in BaseMenuRenderer, and NoRenderer.

◆ tryTakeSelectIfNeeded()

virtual bool MenuRenderer::tryTakeSelectIfNeeded ( int  currentReading,
RenderPressMode  press 
pure virtual

Allows the select key to be overriden for situations such as dialogs and other special cases.

heldtrue when the select was held down.
true to indicate we consumed the event, otherwise false.

Implemented in BaseMenuRenderer, and NoRenderer.

◆ getDialog()

virtual BaseDialog* MenuRenderer::getDialog ( )
pure virtual

Gets the dialog instance that is associated with this renderer or NULL if this renderer cannot display dialogs (only NoRenderer case).

Implemented in NoRenderer, and tcgfx::BaseGraphicalRenderer.

◆ getBuffer()

char* MenuRenderer::getBuffer ( )

Gets the buffer that is used internally for render buffering.

◆ getBufferSize()

uint8_t MenuRenderer::getBufferSize ( )

Gets the buffer size of the buffer

◆ getRendererType()

RendererType MenuRenderer::getRendererType ( )

Returns if this is a no display type renderer or a base renderer type.

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