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ReadOnlyAuthenticationManager Class Reference

#include <RemoteAuthentication.h>

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Public Member Functions

 ReadOnlyAuthenticationManager (const AuthBlock *authBlocksPgm, int numberOfEntries, const char *pgmActualPin)
 ReadOnlyAuthenticationManager (const char *pgmActualPin)
bool addAdditionalUUIDKey (const char *, const char *) override
bool isAuthenticated (const char *connectionName, const char *authResponse) override
bool doesPinMatch (const char *pinAttempt) override
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 AuthenticationManager (AuthenticationManagerType authType)
AuthenticationManagerType getAuthenticationManagerType ()

Detailed Description

Should you wish to permit only a small number of pre-known keys to connect, then this version will authenticate against an array of AuthBlock's stored in PROGMEM / constant memory.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ ReadOnlyAuthenticationManager()

ReadOnlyAuthenticationManager::ReadOnlyAuthenticationManager ( const AuthBlock authBlocksPgm,
int  numberOfEntries,
const char *  pgmActualPin 

Initialise with an array of AuthBlock structures in program memory and the number of entries

authBlocksPgmthe authorisation blocks in const / program memory
numberOfEntriesthe number of blocks in the array.

Member Function Documentation

◆ addAdditionalUUIDKey()

bool ReadOnlyAuthenticationManager::addAdditionalUUIDKey ( const char *  ,
const char *   

Does not do anything in this variant - it is read only

Implements AuthenticationManager.

◆ isAuthenticated()

bool ReadOnlyAuthenticationManager::isAuthenticated ( const char *  connectionName,
const char *  authResponse 

Checks the list of AuthBlocks to see if any contain our credentials.

connectionNamethe name of the remote
authResponsethe key provided in the join message

Implements AuthenticationManager.

◆ doesPinMatch()

bool ReadOnlyAuthenticationManager::doesPinMatch ( const char *  pinAttempt)

Checks if the parameter pinAttempt matches with the one stored within this authentication class.

pinAttemptthe pin to be checked
true if there is a match, otherwise false

Implements AuthenticationManager.

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