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MenuBasedDialog Class Reference

#include <BaseDialog.h>

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Public Member Functions

uint16_t getBackMenuItemId ()
void internalSetVisible (bool visible) override
void copyIntoBuffer (const char *sz) override
void insertMenuItem (MenuItem *item)
void copyHeader (char *buffer, int bufferSize)
char * getBufferData () override
- Public Member Functions inherited from BaseDialog
 BaseDialog ()
void setButtons (ButtonType btn1, ButtonType btn2, int defVal=0)
void show (const char *headerPgm, bool allowRemote, CompletedHandlerFn completedHandler=NULL)
void showRam (const char *headerRam, bool allowRemote, CompletedHandlerFn completedHandler=NULL)
void showController (bool allowRemote, BaseDialogController *controller)
void setUserData (void *data)
void hide ()
bool isUsingOOController ()
bool isInUse ()
bool isCompressedMode ()
void dialogRendering (unsigned int currentValue, bool userClicked)
bool isMenuItemBased ()
bool isRenderNeeded ()
bool isRemoteUpdateNeeded (int remote)
void setRemoteUpdateNeeded (int remote, bool b)
void setRemoteUpdateNeededAll ()
void clearRemoteUpdateNeededAll ()
void setRemoteAllowed (bool allowed)
void encodeMessage (TagValueRemoteConnector *remote)
void remoteAction (ButtonType type)
bool copyButtonText (char *data, int buttonNum, int currentValue, bool isActive)
bool copyButtonText (char *data, int buttonNum, int currentValue)
void actionPerformed (int btnNum)

Protected Member Functions

void internalRender (int currentValue) override
void resetDialogFields ()
- Protected Member Functions inherited from BaseDialog
void setInUse (bool b)
void setNeedsDrawing (bool b)
ButtonType findActiveBtn (unsigned int currentValue)
void internalShow (bool allowRemote)

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Attributes inherited from BaseDialog
char header [20]
const char * headerPgm
union {
CompletedHandlerFn completedHandler
void * userData
ButtonType button1
ButtonType button2
uint8_t lastBtnVal
uint16_t flags
MenuRedrawState needsDrawing

Detailed Description

This is an extended dialog based on MenuItem's that are presented to the user, you can add additional menu items that go after the message text and before the first dialog button. there will always be either one or two buttons below that content, as a means to dismiss the dialog. The user can also dismiss (equivalent of cancel) by selecting the back menu item.

Member Function Documentation

◆ internalSetVisible()

void MenuBasedDialog::internalSetVisible ( bool  visible)

overriden in other types to handle show and hide differently

Reimplemented from BaseDialog.

◆ copyIntoBuffer()

void MenuBasedDialog::copyIntoBuffer ( const char *  sz)

Copy text into the buffer, that will be displayed along with the header.

szthe text to copy

Reimplemented from BaseDialog.

◆ internalRender()

void MenuBasedDialog::internalRender ( int  currentValue)

not used in this implementation

Implements BaseDialog.

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