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IpAddressMenuItem Class Reference

#include <RuntimeMenuItem.h>

Inheritance diagram for IpAddressMenuItem:
EditableMultiPartMenuItem RuntimeMenuItem MenuItem

Public Member Functions

 IpAddressMenuItem (RuntimeRenderingFn renderFn, menuid_t id, MenuItem *next=nullptr)
void setIpAddress (const char *source)
void setIpAddress (uint8_t p1, uint8_t p2, uint8_t p3, uint8_t p4)
uint8_t * getIpAddress () const
void setIpPart (uint8_t part, uint8_t newVal)
- Public Member Functions inherited from EditableMultiPartMenuItem
 EditableMultiPartMenuItem (MenuType type, menuid_t id, int numberOfParts, RuntimeRenderingFn renderFn, MenuItem *next=nullptr)
uint8_t beginMultiEdit ()
int changeEditBy (int amt)
int previousPart ()
int nextPart ()
int getCurrentRange () const
void stopMultiEdit ()
int getPartValueAsInt () const
bool valueChanged (int newVal)
- Public Member Functions inherited from RuntimeMenuItem
 RuntimeMenuItem (MenuType menuType, menuid_t id, RuntimeRenderingFn renderFn, uint8_t itemPosition, uint8_t numberOfRows, MenuItem *next=nullptr)
void copyValue (char *buffer, int bufferSize) const
void runCallback () const
int getRuntimeId () const
int getRuntimeEeprom () const
uint8_t getNumberOfParts () const
void copyRuntimeName (char *buffer, int bufferSize) const
uint8_t getNumberOfRows () const
void setNumberOfRows (uint8_t rows)
- Public Member Functions inherited from MenuItem
uint8_t copyNameToBuffer (char *sz, int size) const
uint8_t copyNameToBuffer (char *sz, int offset, int size) const
menuid_t getId () const
uint16_t getMaximumValue () const
uint16_t getEepromPosition () const
MenuType getMenuType () const
void triggerCallback () const
bool isInfoProgMem () const
void setChanged (bool changed)
bool isChanged () const
bool isSendRemoteNeeded (uint8_t remoteNo) const
void setSendRemoteNeededAll ()
void clearSendRemoteNeededAll ()
void setSendRemoteNeeded (uint8_t remoteNo, bool needed)
void setActive (bool active)
bool isActive () const
void setEditing (bool active)
bool isEditing () const
void setReadOnly (bool active)
bool isReadOnly () const
void setLocalOnly (bool localOnly)
bool isLocalOnly () const
void setSecured (bool secured)
bool isSecured () const
void setVisible (bool visible)
bool isVisible () const
MenuItemgetNext () const
void setNext (MenuItem *next)
void changeOccurred (bool silent)

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from MenuItem
 MenuItem (MenuType menuType, const AnyMenuInfo *menuInfo, MenuItem *next, bool infoProgMem)
- Protected Attributes inherited from RuntimeMenuItem
menuid_t id
uint8_t itemPosition
uint8_t noOfParts
- Protected Attributes inherited from MenuItem
uint16_t flags
union {
const AnyMenuInfoinfo
RuntimeRenderingFn renderFn
MenuType menuType

Detailed Description

This menu item represents an IP address that can be configured / or just displayed on the device, if it is editable it is edited

Member Function Documentation

◆ setIpAddress()

void IpAddressMenuItem::setIpAddress ( uint8_t  p1,
uint8_t  p2,
uint8_t  p3,
uint8_t  p4 

Sets the whole IP address as four parts

◆ getIpAddress()

uint8_t* IpAddressMenuItem::getIpAddress ( ) const

gets the IP address as four separate bytes

◆ setIpPart()

void IpAddressMenuItem::setIpPart ( uint8_t  part,
uint8_t  newVal 

sets a single part in the address

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