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This course covers ways to take advantage of the easy development on the Arduino platform, and then deploy minimising or even completely removing the dependency. It starts ensuring everyone can deploy a simple application onto an embedded device, and builds to using available libraries and unit testing. This can be combined with the IoAbstraction training to get maximum benefit.

Like all our courses this can be tailored for your needs.

Course information

  • Duration: 2 days
  • Cost: £999 - limited special offer
  • Locations: UK and some EU locations

All prices quoted here are for on site training, exclusive of VAT and do not include travel expenses to your site.

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Day 1

  • Using the basic Arduino IDE with any Arduino board (If needed)
  • Building basic sketches with the Arduino platform. (If needed)
  • The type system and space saving for 8 and 32 bit boards.
  • Dealing with input and output events - latency, accuracy & stability.
  • Introducing VisualMicro, Visual Studio Code or PlatformIO.
  • The layout of Arduino projects, sketches, extra source and libraries.

Day 2

  • The memory layout of AVR and SAMD platforms, including looking at tooling.
  • Using the inbuilt Wire and SPI libraries, and issues with these libraries.
  • Unit testing of embedded code using available frameworks.
  • Using the LiquidCrystal driver for rendering output.
  • Serial communication using the inbuilt hardware serial.
  • Using ethernet libraries with Arduino on both AVR and SAMD.

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