By dave | October 12, 2020


We can build an embedded and mobile application based upon tcMenu in a very short amount of time. Our application infrastructure makes it possible to offer a simple UI that can be controlled using a white label version of embedCONTROL over BLE, WiFi, Ethernet, Serial or many other protocols.

Along with all the open-source display options, we also have display drivers for native graphics built into STM32F mbed boards, and can easily create other custom display drivers if needed.

Depending on the complexity of your design, our prices start from as low as £1500.00 for a very simple embedded app. We always agree a price upfront, and provide a full project plan before starting. We follow an agile process, so we know that many times your requirements will change during the process, and although it will alter the cost, we will not unduly mark up the cost.

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