By dave | November 30, 2018

TcMenu and IoAbstraction consultancy quick start

If you’re thinking of using tcMenu, IoAbstraction or any other of our libraries on a commercial project, then we offer training and support to get you started quickly. It can be much more affordable than you first think too. Especially when you factor in the saved time, and reduced risk.

Along with this we also have extensions to both of the libraries that are only available under a commercial license. These improvements offer significant performance gains over the open source versions, while remaining very compatible. For example we can provide a liquid crystal (20x4) compatible display driver that does all i2c operations completely asynchronously. This makes a huge difference in display intensive applications.

We can offer fixed cost training courses on your site, to get you started with the advanced features of our libraries quickly. Along with this, we can combine this with more generalised training around the platform and developing software.

Further, we can either partner with you to build a product, or take full responsibility for building the product. If we partner with you, we’ll help you to set up the project and then day to day with the project.

If you prefer us to take on the project and build it for you, then we’ll build the project using the lean/agile method. We can’t fully ship an embedded project to your end users every few weeks, but we can update you on how it’s going, show you a prototype so far and take on any feedback.

In addition to the frequent updates, you’ll have access to the source code and project planning information all the time, so you can see how things are coming along.

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