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tcgfx::PaletteDrawingData Struct Reference

#include <DrawingPrimitives.h>

Public Member Functions

 PaletteDrawingData (const tcgfx::color_t *palette, const uint8_t *data, tcgfx::color_t maskColor, uint8_t bitDepth)
 PaletteDrawingData (const tcgfx::color_t *palette, const uint8_t *data, uint8_t bitDepth)
const color_tgetPalette () const
const uint8_t * getData () const
bool hasMask () const
color_t getMaskColor () const
uint8_t getBitDepth () const

Public Attributes

const tcgfx::color_tpalette
const uint8_t * data
tcgfx::color_t maskColor
uint8_t bitDepth

Detailed Description

Structure that represent a palette based color image. For palette based images the data pointer will be to an instance of this struct. It is a struct because it can be stored in program memory. It has methods to make it easier for us to extend it later.

Please avoid using the fields directly.

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