By dave | May 4, 2015

This Arduino library makes it easy to drive a multiple digit 7 segment display with the option of using a timer1 interrupt to constantly redraw the digits. Therefore, this avoids having to call in continuously to refresh the display.

Flexibility was the main goal and as such methods are available to write decimal, floating point, hex and character data onto the display. Many examples are provided with the library.

Many thanks to for some contributions to the library. Most of his patch-fixes and improvements have been applied to the library now.

Download a packaged version


Change history

Version 2.0:

  • Significant tidy up of examples to remove all pointers from sketches.
  • Significant improvements to documentation.

Version 1.0:

  • Ability to dim the display with one of four levels.
  • Fixed a bug when displaying floats.
  • Character mappings stored in program memory (saves 30 bytes RAM).

Initial version snapshot

  • First version of library.

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