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Using the Menu with a Matrixkeyboard RSS feed
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Joined: Oct 21, 2020
Messages: 19
Hi, i am using the tcMenu library on a Df_Robot-Shield, everything is working fine.
Now i wanna use another keypad, a maxtrix keypad with 5 Buttons: Up, Down, Left, Right, Select. Ok, i know that i don't need the Left and the right button.
I tested the keypad with an example of the TaskManagerIO-Library, everything is ok.
How can i use the keypad instead of the buttons of the Df_Robot-Shield ?
How can i "tell" the MenuManager which button is for uo, which for dwon and which for select ?
#include <KeyboardManager.h>
#include <tcMenuKeyboard.h>

const char pgmLayout[] PROGMEM = "LRUDS";
KeyboardLayout keyLayout(1, 5, pgmLayout);
MatrixKeyboardManager keyboard;

MenuEditingKeyListener menuKeyListener;

extern AnalogMenuItem menuCurrent;
extern AnalogMenuItem menuVoltage;
extern AnalogMenuItem menuADCount;
extern AnalogMenuItem menuIst;
extern AnalogMenuItem menuSmooth;
extern EnumMenuItem menuCompMode;
extern AnalogMenuItem menuMaxwert;
extern AnalogMenuItem menuBuerde;
extern AnalogMenuItem menuMessage;
extern AnalogMenuItem menuDelay;
extern AnalogMenuItem menuCoOff;
extern AnalogMenuItem menuCoOn;
extern BooleanMenuItem menuRunStatus;
extern AnalogMenuItem menuDruck;

void setup() {
    Serial.begin (9600);
    keyLayout.setRowPin(0, 27);
    keyLayout.setColPin(0, 22);
    keyLayout.setColPin(1, 23);
    keyLayout.setColPin(2, 24);
    keyLayout.setColPin(3, 25);
    keyLayout.setColPin(4, 26);

    // create the keyboard mapped to arduino pins and with the layout chosen above.
    // it will callback our listener
    keyboard.initialise(ioUsingArduino(), &keyLayout, &menuKeyListener);

    // start repeating at 850 millis then repeat every 350ms
    keyboard.setRepeatKeyMillis(850, 350);

    Serial.println("Keyboard is initialised!");


void loop() {

Joined: Jan 19, 2019
Messages: 686
You could use the regular tcMenu matrix keyboard support class, there's an example that shows it's use in KeyboardEthernet or something similarly named in the examples.

That would be the quickest way to get things working, and if you wanted something more custom than that could provide, you could use it as a starting point to write something of your own.

With a 4x4 arrangement, someone recently submitted a patch that uses the A and B keys to do the up and down, * and # are used to start edits and reset. Admittedly it's not super well documented at the moment, but it's on the list to fully document soon.

Maybe take a look at:


Does that do what you want?

Joined: Jan 19, 2019
Messages: 686
BTW You can also use the keyboard support along with a rotary encoder or the dfrobot shield. We often do that. Otherwise choose no input in the designer, then add the code as described in the keyboard article.
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