Subwoofer build that got me back into DIY

By dave on January 2, 2016

Having built several speaker set-ups and amplifiers when I was younger I had got out of the hobby for quite a number of years. However, this build was back in about 2011 and since then I've built a few much better units. However, this is still kept here for completeness. Why I hold this view? In a small room I think it can be difficult to get the right balance between mid to high frequency staging and concentrating the low frequency response near the user.

Things learnt from building the first turntable.

By dave on January 2, 2016

<img class=" titleimg" alt="" src="/images/audio/turntable/tt-complete2.jpg"/> Although my first turntable prototype worked quite well, it had a few issues, each of these is looked at here: The area under the platter was too thin, and tended to concentrate vibration around the platter main bearing sleeve. This was fixed by brute force to avoid vibration in the first place (a very large granite / MDF block below the plinth). The positioning of the motor and circuit led to some noise, and only earthing to motor prevented it.

Turntable building - the history

By dave on January 2, 2016

<img class=" titleimg" alt="original TT" src="/images/audio/turntable/tt-complete1.jpg"/> Before my most recent turntable build, I had tried a couple of earlier designs. The first of which was a Rega deck with a couple of IsoKinetik modifications. I've gone a long long way since this, but I keep it here for historic purposes. Starting out with a P3-24 deck. My deck started life as a refurbished P3-24 unit, with no mods made to it.

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