Odds and Ends

Polyurethane wood glue for audio equipment.

By dave on January 3, 2016

<img class=" titleimg" alt="pu glue oozing" src="/images/audio/oddsAndEnds/glue-pu-oozing.jpg"/> Over the past year or so I've pretty much switched from PVA to Polyurethane glue for most tasks. I've discussed this glue with other wood workers and in my favourite hardwood store SL Hardwoods of Croydon and all seem to agree it is a strong glue. To me it has one very large advantage for audio equipment over PVA; which is that it expands to fill any gaps.

Simple cheap as chips turntable VTA spacer.

By dave on January 3, 2016

<img class=" titleimg" alt="vta adjustment" src="/images/audio/oddsAndEnds/vta-adjustment.jpg"/> This is probably one of the cheapest things that you can make, and needs just a jigsaw with a metal blade and drill in order to make it. VTA adjusters just extends the height of the arm by a few milimeters and they just need to be made of a solid enough material to ensure the arm mounting is completely firm and has no play whatsoever.

Simple and cost effective component base.

By dave on January 2, 2016

<img class=" titleimg" alt="sub base" src="/images/audio/oddsAndEnds/sub-base-tile-intro.jpg"/> After doing a bit of tiling, it struck me just how thick the solid marble tiles are, and as I had a few left it struck me that they would make a good base for a component, such as a sub or turntable. In this case, I used a 15mm marble tile, 18mm of MDF followed by 15mm of tile. At the base I used some high quaility speaker feet left over from another job.

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