By dave | October 20, 2017

While looking through the ScrewFix (UK) website recently, I found this little gem of a tool that I’ve purchased and used a couple of times now (see photo - left). They refer to it as a “belt clamp” so should be easy to track down should you want one too.

This is an amazing little device for its cost and I cannot speak highly enough of it. I get no payback for listing this, I just think that for cabinet construction this tool is absolutely great. In fact I bought a couple of them as I build speakers and other types of cabinet quite frequently.

These clamps are mostly for the case where the corners of a box are all cut at 45 degree mitres, because in this case, the corner blocks hold each corner, while there is normally some kind of centre component (in this case the plywood middle) to ensure it is square.

In the image above, I’ve used it while building my sons Arduino holder, for his new Mega 2560; which I’ll also be blogging about soon.

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