For the past tweleve months I've been running the site on Joomla. Over this time I've come to like it. It's configurability and the astonishing number of plugins means that for most basic sites (like this one) very little if any code need be written.

Finding out how to do something is easy; there's so much help available online and many good books have been written on the subject (including the free Joomla Beginners Guide I have on my book reader).


Further to this, most hosts have regimented procedures in place to keep all their users on fairly up-to-date versions of PHP/Apache and many scan daily for any vunerable versions of software on the path. In addition it is very cost effective to host PHP because it is the defacto standard.

I look back to when I had several Grails apps running on VPS, trying to keep everything up to date was hard, and many version updates were all too manual. So yes, I'm pretty sure for this simple site, the decision was the right one.