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  • 2017/02: Amplifier working Just recently I got my honey badger of DiyAudio fame working properly! (My amplifier build)
  • 2017/12: IO Abstraction Library Now available in the products section of the site, all main functions are working. A few outstanding improvements (IO Abstraction library)
  • 2016/05: Photo taking You mave have noticed recent photos are looking somewhat better. I've been reading about taking photos (Photography masterclass video)

We are on github

The coders corner has a (fairly active) account on github. From Arduino libraries, Joomla to Hugo through to examples for the datacomms section, why not take a look.

Recent articles and blog posts

Making an arduino board holder from ply & wood

By dave on November 23, 2017

Making a nice case for an Arduino board can range from the simplest possible case, a piece of plywood the right size, with a few holes to mount the board, right through to an intricate box with closing lid etc. This one probably falls in the middle somewhere. Why another Arduino board holder you ask? Now that my son has taken up the same hobby as me, having started with scratch and a bit of python, he fancies his hand at Arduino.

Arduino Task Manager and IO Abstraction library

By dave on November 15, 2017

TL;DR: This library provides helps you write non trivial Arduino applications. It contains a very simple task management facility, IO abstraction (serial, 8754 i2c), interrupt management, switch de-bouncing and rotary encoder support. Currently, it is intended for use with Uno (MEGA328) and above. There are many examples packaged with it that cover most use cases. Downloads and source for the IO Abstraction library are hosted on github, all you’ll have to do is download and unzip the file into your Documents/Arduino/libraries folder and rename the folder from basicIoAbstraction-mater to basicIoAbstraction.

Belt clamps - what a find!

By dave on October 20, 2017

While looking through the ScrewFix (UK) website recently, I found this little gem of a tool that I’ve purchased and used a couple of times now (see photo - left). They refer to it as a “belt clamp” so should be easy to track down should you want one too. This is an amazing little device for its cost and I cannot speak highly enough of it. I get no payback for listing this, I just think that for cabinet construction this tool is absolutely great.