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Building DIYAudio's honey badger amplifier

By dave on January 2, 2017

Over the past year, I’ve slowly put together a DIY amplifier based on the DIYaudio honeybadger. After a long, on/off process I’ve got both channels working properly with a single large transformer and dual mono PSUs, soft start, overload protection and one side of DC protection working (another seems to have a fault that I’ve not yet had chance to figure out). My initial plan was that this amplifier would be used in my AV setup to drive my Jensen full size speakers However, it works so well with my Seas Mimir speakers in the office that I’ve never executed the goal of moving it into the AV room.

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USB Communication between Arduino and computer using Java

By dave on January 1, 2017

In this article I present a simple method for communicating between an Arduino board and a PC using USB serial. USB serial is available on nearly all Arduino based boards. Further, there are Java libraries available that make communication relatively simple. In this case we use the Neuron Robotics serial library that is available via maven and hosted on git hub. Consider this project as a starting point that builds out the basics needed to get communication working between the two devices.

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Moving to Hugo static CMS from Joomla

By dave on November 13, 2016

In this article I discuss moving sites from Joomla over to Hugo static content manager. Before we start lets take a quick look at why we may want to do this, and the cases were it may not be appropriate. tl;dr: In summary, hosting a site on Joomla is time consuming and requires that both Joomla and PHP are frequently updated. If you’re site is suitable for Hugo and are considering moving over, take a look through the phases below.

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